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Thompson Extreme Winter Testing Campus

Thompson Manitoba
Is your company looking to test vehicles, snow machines, equipment, snow blowers, and components and/or do calibration verification? We have been involved in the business of facilitating testers since 1994. We are still a relatively new company located in Thompson, Manitoba that has been working with major vehicle companies in providing facilities, test tracks, meeting spaces and garages/shops. In addition, we work with local companies to ensure the logistics, safety and anonymity of your company is taken care of.

Current Facilities
We recently built a 6450 square foot conference center located on 8 acres in a private setting along with our 2400 square foot shop to ensure privacy for those working in our community. In addition we work with companies to provide a 3 kilometer test oval and test pads and skid pads for vehicle traction and calibration testing. All facilities are strategically located outside of the city proper to ensure anonymity and privacy during your testing but close enough to enjoy the amenities the city has to offer. Those amenities include but are not limited to, hotels, motels, hospitals, local policing, industrial supply stores, automobile supply shops/garages, and fueling facilities.

Future Facilities
Riverlodge Place Winter Weather Testing Facility has also been exploring the opportunity and feasibility of constructing a cold test chamber on our site with the capacity of maintaining -35 to -40 celsius on a continuous 24 hour cycle. The benefit of constructing such a facility in Thompson is that the ambient temperatures upon exiting the cold chamber would provide longer testing periods than any other facility currently in North America. The development of this facility is in its infancy and we would be interested to know if your company would be interested in booking time in such a facility and if so, the dates, times and duration you would require it.

Contact Information
Check our current conference centre web site; currently being used by winter weather testers from December to March. www.riverlodgeplace.com

We have too many amenities to list but some of the essentials include high speed internet, kitchen facilities, parking and cold soak areas for up to 150 cars at a time.

Mr. Curtis Ross (owner/manager)
Phone 204-679-0686
Email: Click Here

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